Litter Picking

Today some of the eco-committee went around the outside of school and picked up all the litter. 

It was amazing to see how much litter could be found on the floor in the local area and we are very proud of how much better the area around school looks now that we have picked it all up! 

Continuing with Helping Hands!

Today the Eco committee met for a working lunch to discuss the next steps of the Helping Hands project. 

It has been agreed that on Friday each member will go into another class to mentor younger children. 

After half term the committee will then be going into the community to help pick up litter and make our local area a cleaner place. 

The company who deliver the Helping Hands project heard about the excellent work we have done so far for the project and awarded us with a certificate each and a medal for the school to display. 

Well done Eco committee, keep up the great work! 

Waste Week

This week is Waste Week. The aim of Waste Week is to promote children and adults to recycle and reuse electrical items rather than to just throw them away or keep them stored in a cupboard when they are broken or not being used.

Today in an assembly lead by Miss O’Malley we learnt to ‘Think before we WEEE’. This means that we should always think before we WASTE ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. 

Electrical Waste is the fastest-growing type of waste in this country and it is our job to try and make a difference and try and stop this from happening.  

There are many posters around our school promoting Waste Week and providing you with information of how we can help to support it.